The Examiners

Who are the Examining Chaplains?

  • The House of Bishops elects (and the House of Deputies confirms) at General Convention members to the GBEC for staggered six-year terms: four bishops, six clergy with pastoral care, six faculty from seminaries or other educational institutions, and six lay people, each with special competence in one or more of the seven canonical areas. Vacancies are filled at interim meetings of the House of Bishops, on nomination of one of the bishops who is a member of the GBEC. All board members (Examining Chaplains) are volunteers.


Who are the Readers?

  • The executive director/GOE administrator recruits Readers using suggestions from clergy and laity (bishops, Readers, seminary deans, and others) and tries to ensure diversity as far as possible with regard to clergy/laity, gender, ethnicity, geography (province), and experience. Readers come from all walks of life. About half of them are clergy, often with pastoral cures. Some Readers are academics or professional educators. Almost all clergy Readers have taken the GOE. Whether clergy or laity, the Readers work conscientiously and carefully to train and evaluate answers and are aware of the importance of their ministry with the GBEC. All Readers are volunteers.